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The Landmark Hotel Kanpur Review

The Landmark Hotel Kanpur

The Landmark Hotel Kanpur Review is categorized five star hotel in Kanpur nagar growing high above the high-rise scenery of the city's Mall road area. Everything inside sparkle with the perfect cleanliness of newness, and guests cannot help but phenomenon at the generously profligate decor and groundbreaking artistic design. Modern stylishness, topped with excellent ceilings, leads inside whilst eyes are unquestionably drawn to the depiction windows where views of sacred river Ganges are extremely breathtaking.

    The Landmark Hotel Kanpur Review
  • Executive Room
  • Club Room
  • Imperial Room
  • Imperial Suite
They spell Class, Luxury, and Comfort. The Landmark Hotel Kanpur Review newly modernized to meet international criteria, the lodgings here at The Landmark Towers are really high-end pleasing to the sophisticated and apprehensive needs of a customer.
The Landmark Hotel Kanpur Review is very good and people like this hotel so much. Constructed to outspread warmth and luxury to every tourist, the subdued colours of the Earth suggestion a sense of belonging, comfort, simplicity and  superiority. The Landmark offers 4 types of rooms to suit the diverse travel needs and interests of a diverse business.

  • Cawnpore 1857
  • The Deck
  • Xoomba Sports Cafe
  • YU - The Skybar
  • Waterside

Our internal restaurants boast of high quality multi-cuisine meals that we convince are purely mouthwatering. The Landmark Hotel Kanpur Review the open bar in hotel, beautiful city lights and passionate, young atmosphere will give you that much necessary respite from your chaotic work schedule, just when you need it the furthermost.
The Landmark Hotel Kanpur ReviewIf that isn’t adequate, you can simply hit our exclusive sports bar themed cafe – Xoomba and enjoy a game of pool or challenge your allies to an exciting game of bowling. The Landmark Hotel Kanpur exclusive gaming comforts and peppy music will make each minute of your time here, worth it. We assure. In the offering, soon - Upcoming Indian and Oriental fine dining restaurants.


They make for the perfect and enjoyable wedding destination for them who want to make his wedding memorable, The Landmark Hotel Kanpur Review the perfect Discussion center is very  finest , or any other celebration of any kind you can enjoy. If you have an event, be it personal or corporate – we have the enough space for you.
The Landmark Hotel Kanpur Review Gems - 4 different well-furnished halls that represent the values of style and dignity, portraying the eventual  in worldliness. As a host, there is no better domicile you can entertain your honored guests, than here.

  • Spa
  • Wet Areas
  • The Gym
  • Group Studio
  • Salon - Hair by DAR
  • Swimming pool
  • Health Café 


The Landmark Hotel Kanpur Review thinking of Zante is absolutely essentially rooted in the worldwide approach to wellness. Motivated by a peaceable island in Greece known for its holiness, Zante rely on that a wellness club should grip a deep thoughtful of mind, body and soul.
The Landmark Hotel Kanpur Review 
Zante promises a complete approach towards health, wellness and internal peace and comprehend a three sixty degree approach for the same. It includes a gymrooftop swimming pool, wet areas, group studio, salon - Hair by DAR, tea lounge and a state-of-the-art spa - managed by Pevonia Botanica, the World's prominent spa skincare line maker in the USA.


The Landmark Hotel Kanpur Review Loyalty Club Programme Benefits Our allegiance program is your admittance to one of the best services and amenities the city offers. As a Loyalty Club Member, you will be fortunate to enjoy exclusive welfares at our participating dining and entertainment places. The Landmark Hotel Kanpur Review Part of the  arrangement are hard-to-turn-down offers, special reductions, and free vacations making this programme completely worth enrolling for.
The Landmark Hotel Kanpur Review 
  • Come build a lifetime of happy memories with us!
  • The city's first all day dining restaurant
  • Xoomba Sports Café
  • Waterside
  • The city's first pool side lounge bar
  • The Deck
  • India's second virtual Gaming Sports Cafe
  • The state's highest Sky Bar
  • And two further fine-dining restaurants coming soon!
Name:-The Landmark Hotel Kanpur
Address: 10, The Mall, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208001

Phone:0512 230 5305

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