Green Park Stadium Kanpur Uttar Pradesh Review

Green Park Stadium Kanpur Uttar Pradesh Review

Green Park Stadium Kanpur

Created in one of the most polluted cities in India, Green Park Stadium Kanpur Uttar Pradesh Review, located close to the river Ganges, adept 39,255 - mostly exposed - spectators. Instituted in 1945, the ground, which has gotten recurrent changes, lacks the practice which some of the other leading Test grounds boast of. Its illuminations are raise low, and were used for the first time last year in a Test featuring South Africa. A number of gloomy strained games have been the feature of the Tests at Kanpur, thanks to motionless pitches; this, in part, is the mistake of the state's soil, for it does not inspire bounce and jump.

Green Park Stadium Kanpur Uttar Pradesh Review for long not too numerous repair were held here, till the local cricket association ready a ground fit for international cricket.And if the eyes and lungs can adjust and incredulous the thick smog that penetrate the city, the pitch is a batsmen's heaven. Mohammad Azharuddin hit the last of his three successive hundreds during his extraordinary debut. In 1986-87, Sri Lanka and India created 1096 runs and lost only 17 wickets. In the 90s, India and West Indies made an average of 74 runs per wicket in this match. The line and fluctuation across and one could sense him practically closing his eyes as he hit the ball; it was that kind of pitch.

One of the causes why Green Park Stadium Kanpur Uttar Pradesh Review the place does not host day-night matches presently is that the shadow of the newly erected Director Stand covers a large share of the outfield. Regional sports officer at the Green Park stadium, had confessed that it was a essential fault and the ground is soon projected to get new floodlights, which is very important and which will accommodate day-night contests.

The square at the Green Park Stadium Kanpur Uttar Pradesh Review is commonly measured as slow and low due to the nature of earth available in this part of the world. Apart from being batsmen-friendly, the pitches here tend to support the spinners more because of the lack of leap.

Interesting facts of GreenPark

Green Park Stadium Kanpur Uttar Pradesh Review is the lone stadium in India to have a Students Gallery facility for the students and scholars. The stadium has the biggest by hand operated scoreboard in the world. Green Park is the only international place in India which is not owned by a state cricket association.

Name- Green Park Stadium Kanpur
Address: Green Park, Permat, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208001
Owner- Government of Uttar Pradesh

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