Bhabha Institute Of Science & Technology Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh | Review

Bhabha Institute of Technology Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh | Review

Bhabha Institute Of Science&Technology kanpur

Bhabha Institute Of Science & Technology kanpur review (BIST )Engineering College which is affiliated to Uttar Pradesh Technical University and it is figure as one of the top institutes in the city as well as in the estate. Established in 2008. Batches of students have entered its sunshade to surface after four years of hard education under the guidance of some of the furthermost honored professors, our are engineers ready to face the world and build new worlds.
The Institution pays not only an emphasis on the academic growth of scholars but also on their all round personality development so that student could not face any problem in their life. Bhabha Institute Of Science & Technology kanpur review conducted many activities major four categories namely cultural Events and sports Events , Literary Events, and Personality Development Events.
We have more collaboration with corporate the world than any other institution , At BIST. The institute has best facility and acts as an interface between the students, Faculty and corporate world to start continuous collaboration with the industry, sharing trade experience, understanding industry needs & providing the prerequisite support the corporate world.
Guest lecture by renowned Indian & Foreign professionals from various campuses, business & industries are organized besides seminars, workshops, factory visits, team building workout. Bhabha Institute Of Science & Technology kanpur review  very important company & plant visit from time to time for the students to get a feel of the work environment & interact with senior, middle & junior level management person. The institute is well equipped with all modern facility and all types of audio-visual aids to support such kind  activities. there  are many  prominent organizations, where our students will receive their training and shine all over the country.
Our vision is to create as a leader in engineering and management education in this portion of the country.
Today we are living in a technology driven world in which the professionals and specialist have to be able to evaluate and assimilate new developments at every step. Bhabha Institute Of Science & Technology kanpur review  management and instructor, Faculty, Alumni at BIST aim to deliver the students the paramount professional training as well as to train their minds to face the new challenges in today’s fast fluctuating world.
It is our determinations to produce Engineers and Managers with high technical competency and professional ethics and noble human values so that they serve as accountable and honest Engineers in the society. An Engineer or manager moreover being experienced about the subject also has to be sensitive to the needs of the society.

   Name- Bhabha Institute Of Science & Technology
Address: Aunaha Rasoolabad Road near Shivali Ramabai Nagar 209204
Phone number: 180030005111
Affiliated With: Gautma Buddha Technical University - GBTU

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